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Plumbing Leak Fix

When you want the best for your plumbing repairs and installation services, you want us. We have been servicing the Minneapolis area for many years. If you’re going to get your project completed on time and on budget, we are here for you. We have been working with the local inspectors for years. They know us!

We can handle everything plumbing! Everything from water heater installations, installing piping, fixing a pipe, unclogging a drain to installing new plumbing fixtures and toilets.

We know what types of plumbing repairs and installation require permits. Therefore, you can feel confident you will not get any permit surprises when we complete your project.

The success of our business is a result of our solid reputation. We are dependable, provide fair and accurate pricing, stay on budget and schedule, and complete quality work. In addition, we believe in creating relationships with our customers. As a result, most of our customers are repeat clients.

We offer Interior Home Painting, air conditioning services and appliance repair to name a few.

We are a team you can feel comfortable with and trust to do your project right!

Minneapolis Plumbing Repair and Installation

Plumbing Repair

We hear a frequent story when it comes to contractors showing up. They are late, or they do not show up at all. They are slow to call you back when they call at all. That is not us. One of our business practices is being dependable. Being where we said we would be when we said we would be. Dependability is just one of the business practices that has built our proven reputation.
If you are looking for a team for your plumbing repairs or installation services, give us a call.

We strongly believe in upfront pricing. Therefore, we will thoroughly review these costs with you once we have established the scope of work. Included in our quote will be all associated permit fees and a contingency line item for unforeseen conditions.

Unforeseen conditions are beyond our control. For example, we may need to open up walls to get to the root of an issue when doing plumbing work. As a result, we may see additional items of work required.

Therefore, when preparing our quote, we will include a contingency line. Contingency dollars cover the unexpected project cost resulting from issues we may find due to unforeseen conditions.



Staying on schedule is essential to any project but more so for a plumbing project. Plumbing projects usually involve water, which can result in your water getting shut off. We understand that this is an inconvenience to you at best, an emergency at the worst. We will do everything we can to complete your project to get your water back running as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, unforeseen conditions can lead to schedule delays. If this happens, we will inform you promptly. In addition, we will keep you informed on the progress throughout the whole project.


Quality sets the standard for all of our work. We know plumbing issues can be critical at times, and we will do our best to complete all repairs, and installation, as quickly as possible. But we won’t sacrifice quality in the process. Our team has the experience and knowledge to do both.

Commitment and Trust

When you need plumbing repairs and installation services in the Minneapolis area, we are the team you can trust. You can trust in our commitment to you on being dependable, transparent when it comes to pricing and schedule, and doing quality work.


Call our one-stop handyman service whether you have a single project that needs to be done inside or outside your property or a long list of repairs and remodeling ideas that will improve your home and your enjoyment of it. Our skilled experts are ready to take on any project you may have. We are efficient pros on call during normal business hours to assist you with any job, from talented all-purpose handymen to highly-trained trade specialists, We also specialize in getting rental properties ready for new tenants and prepping homes for sale. Call us immediately, and let us show you how our professionalism and high-quality work can make a big difference on your properties and bottom line.

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