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Cities Handyman has been serving the Minneapolis area for door and window repairs and replacements. We have the experts needed to handle the job. We are known for providing professional service, quality work with affordable pricing. If you are looking exterior house painting of interior home repair services, we have you covered with thos as well.

Give us a call, and we can review what your needs are and how we can help.

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Door Repairs and Replacement

Do you have a door that may need some repairs? Or maybe it is beyond repair and needs to be replaced. Perhaps you are looking for a new look and want to replace it with something new? Give us a call at Cities Handyman, and we can help.

  • Door Repairs – our skilled staff can handle any door repair. If you require emergency service for your door repair, Cities Handyman is only a call away. Our technicians often will complete the repair right at the time of the service call. If not, they will secure the door until the repair can be completed or a replacement is ready to be installed.
  • Door Replacements – we have a team of skilled craftsmen ready to help you replace your doors. Whether it is just one door or the entire home, we will get the job done. We can do interior doors as well as exterior. Upgrading your home’s doors can upgrade the look and increase the efficiency of your home, saving you money on energy costs.
window repairs and replacement

Do you have broken windows? Is the glass cloudy? If your windows are more than 10-years old, they are probably showing signs of wear and tear. Many times we can fix it with a simple repair. And sometimes the windows could be older and or beyond repair, so it makes more sense to replace them.

Cities Handyman has a team of qualified glass specialists on hand to help with all your window repair and replacement needs.

  • Emergency Window Repairs – if your window repair is the result of an accident and you require emergency service, our technicians are just a phone call away. Most repairs are completed at the time of the service call. If we cannot complete the repair during the service call, we will board up the damaged window, clean up the area removing all glass shards and debris. Your safety is our #1 concern.
  • Failing Window Repairs – if your window repair is due to failing glass, our technicians will repair it using only high-quality materials. In addition, our glass technicians are trained to follow the latest in the industry best practices.
  • Window Replacement – we make window upgrades easy for you. Thanks to advanced technology in glass, windows now come in several energy-efficient options. Allowing us to maintain our homes’ comfort level while decreasing energy costs. Call Cities Handyman, and we can review your window replacement options.

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When it comes to door & window repairs or replacement or window repairs and replacements, give Cities Handyman a call. We have been servicing the Minneapolis area for many years. So if you have a window or emergency, we are only one phone call away. Our technicians live in the area and will respond quickly, ensuring you and your family are safe.

We can do more than just Door and Window Repair & Replacement; Cities Handyman also offers skilled craftsmen that can assist with any of your interior or exterior projects. From painting, cleaning, remodeling, handyman services, mechanical and electrical work, and so much more. Call us to find out exactly what we can help you with today!

Home Exterior Handyman Services in Minneapolis, MN.

The first thing people notice about your home or rental property is the exterior. Maintaining your home’s exterior and adding new features is a fantastic way to increase its value and prevent it from deteriorating over time. Most home exterior maintenance, improvement, and repair jobs, on the other hand, require expert assistance if they are to be completed properly. Our broad network of professional craftsmen in all professions is available to handle any project at our complete residential handyman service in Minneapolis, MN, and the surrounding areas. They’ll provide the skills you need to get any project done well and at a price you can afford because they’re efficient and highly skilled. Let us show you why we’re Minneapolis, MN’s leading home handyman service company by contacting us today regarding your house exterior repair or remodeling needs.

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