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We’re delighted to have you here. Honestly, we didn’t expect anyone to visit a handyman services website to read the privacy policy page. But, since you’ve come this far, we’ll assume you’re concerned about your online privacy and take it as seriously as we do. There’s nothing fancy here, just a straightforward explanation of how we handle your data.
we are the best handyman service, provider in Minneapolis Mn. This is all we do, and we do it really well. And one of the things we want to offer our visitors is the lowest pricing and customer satisfaction on handyman services, as well as the highest level of confidentiality regarding your personal information while you are visiting our website.

We don’t sell email addresses or phone numbers here or any personal information. instead, we offer expert and reasonably priced handyman services. Please be aware that there may be some links on our website that will take you to other websites; we recommend that you read the privacy policies of such websites as their policies may differ from ours. You may rest certain that we will never rent,share or sell your information and will always protect your privacy. We hope to build a connection built on trust and privacy that will last a lifetime.
We will not rent,share or sell your information to anyone other than our business partners
we might reach out to you from time to time to review our business
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Last updated on 06-01-2022
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