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If you are looking for a company to handle your electrical repair and installation needs, then you have come to the right place.
With many years of experience, Cities Handyman has been providing electrical repair services in the greater Minneapolis area. We specialize in residential, commercial, and industrial electrical repairs, interior home cleaning maintence and plumbing repair to name a few.. You can rely on our knowledgeable electricians to quickly diagnose the problems and provide reliable solutions.

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Types of Home Electrical Systems

Electrical Repair

Types of Home Electrical Systems offer both emergency electrician services as well as scheduled maintenance services for all types of wiring systems. We work with both businesses and homeowners to get the power back on to where it needs to be. There are many reasons why an outlet, for example. It could have chewed wires from rodents or maybe something disconnected inside. Call today if have find you are in need of electrical repair and installation services.

Ground-Based Systems: Ground-based systems are typically used on properties with larger yards, or where the house is significantly further from the power lines than other homes on the block. They can be buried underground, run under a driveway, or installed overground.

Above ground Systems: These come in two varieties: pole-mounted and self-supporting structures. The latter option is more expensive because of its increased installation costs, but it also offers easier access to ports and wiring than pole-mounted systems.

Underground Systems: Underground installations are less common than above-ground ones because they’re often more costly to install. But they do offer some benefits like reduced voltage losses and protection from bad weather conditions.

Both of these systems will need repair from time to time and that’s where we come in. We work with clients to determine electrical repair and installation services they are in need of. We offer a free no-obligation quote that will come out and inspect your system to come up with a root cause a way to get it fixed.

Electrical Repair and Inspection Services a Homeowners Need to Know About

A home inspection is a service that examines the physical condition of a residential property to identify any problems and defects.
Most home inspections begin with an exterior inspection, which includes looking at the roof, gutters, downspouts, chimney, and other exterior features. The inspector will then enter the home for an interior inspection that includes looking at the ceilings, walls, and other features such as insulation quality in attics.
However, to get the best electrical inspection you need to hire an electrician that can get that job done. We offer this service as a part of our electrical repair and installation services. Call today and let’s set up a home inspection for the electrical portion. Here we can tell you how many fuses your fuse box has left and if it can handle that hot tub you have always wanted. We can see how old the wiring in the home is and if it is up to the building code. There are many things we look at during an electrical inspection. Call today.


Call our one-stop handyman service whether you have a single project that needs to be done inside or outside your property or a long list of repairs and remodeling ideas that will improve your home and your enjoyment of it. Our skilled experts are ready to take on any project you may have. We are efficient pros on call during normal business hours to assist you with any job, from talented all-purpose handymen to highly-trained trade specialists, We also specialize in getting rental properties ready for new tenants and prepping homes for sale. Call us immediately, and let us show you how our professionalism and high-quality work can make a big difference on your properties and bottomline.

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