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Appliance Installation

Appliance installation and repair can be exciting. It can mean an update to your homes, completing your vision as you update to your home. Or it can be stressful when it is the result of an appliance breaking down. Our home appliances are an essential aspect of our everyday life that we have grown to rely on. However, not only is it inconvenient when one breaks down, it can lead to unexpected costs.

The same is true when it comes to installing new appliances. It is an expensive investment in your home. So you want installers that you can trust to get the job done correctly, protecting those costly appliances.

If you are installing one or two appliances or an entire kitchen full, our dedicated team of installers can get the job done for you, including refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, dishwashers, garbage disposals, trash compactors, and much more.

Cities Handyman has been providing dependable appliance installation and repair in the Minneapolis area for many years. We have installed appliances in many the homes in the area. So you can trust us to install and repair all your appliances professionally.

Now only do we offer amazing home appliance repair services but interior home repair services, family handyman services and HVAC service and repairs as well.

Expert Appliance Installation

Our carefully selected team of installers is licensed and insured. Our technicians have received the most recent product and safety training. All of our installers have the experience when it comes to installing all of the major brands.

We also have the local knowledge to ensure we meet all local and state codes when installing your appliances—giving you peace of mind that your installation is compliant.

We believe in clean working environments. So while we are in your home, we will keep our work areas clean at all times. We don’t want the appliance install to impact your life any more than necessary. Not to mention, clean workspaces are safer workspaces.

Reliable Installation

You can count on Cities Handyman being there to complete your appliance installation and repairs. We will be there when we say we will. In addition, you can trust that our installers will take great care of your home when installing your appliances. Before we leave, we will start up the appliance to make sure that it operates correctly.

Installation Pricing

We understand that the cost of your appliance installation and repair adds to the overall project cost. However, when an appliance is not installed correctly, it can be even more costly. Improper installs may result in water leaks, which can cause additional damage to your home—leading to costs associated with flooring repairs, drywall repairs, and more. Unfortunately, some home insurances may not cover the costs of these resulting issues.

Furthermore, it is possible that the new appliances will be damaged or will not function properly, resulting in your appliance warranty being voided. Protect your appliance investment by having Cities Handyman professionally handle the installation.

Cities Handyman professionally handle the installation.
Not only is Cities Handyman experienced in every type of appliance installation and repairs, but we also provide our services at reasonable costs. Our fully trained staff know how to complete your appliance installation effectively—saving time, saving you money.

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